Are Keywords Important to SEO

Are Keywords Important to SEO

There are many questions like ‘Are Keywords Important to SEO’ asked every day on the search engines.

The simple answer to that is yes! Keywords are important to SEO.

To help explain this in better detail, I have searched for questions relating to this subject and there appears to be quite a few.

Outlined below are all the questions I found and hopefully I will give you better insight with the answers I supply.

#1 Are Keywords Important to SEO

Anything you type into a search bar of a Search Engine is a keyword. What you type and search for ultimately shows a list of results on lets say Google.

So if you’re writing a blog post, I’m guessing you are writing it with the intent of capturing the audience that are searching it.

Take for example the title of this post – if I titled it ‘Keywords for SEO‘ I would find that it is high competition for this phrase at around 250 competing posts on Google, with fairly low keyword quality, with around a 75% chance of ranking page 1 on Google.

By naming my title ‘Are Keywords Important to SEO‘ I now have low competition at 18, good Keyword quality and a 95% chance of ranking on page 1 of Google.

The answer to this question would most definitely be yes, keywords are important to SEO – as long as you are researching them.

#2 Where to Find Keywords for SEO

There are a few great keyword tools out there. I have a few personal preferences because I do like to do my research, and they are:

  • Keywords Everywhere – this is a great Chrome Extension that I use and it’s completely free. You can read all about it in my post on keyword research.
  • Ubersuggest – Another great keyword research tool by an amazing guy called Neil Patel. If you haven’t seen his content then you definitely should, and you can do that here Neil Patel
  • Jaaxy – Another great tool with competition and page 1 ranking chance at a glance. Read my review here
  • Answer the Public – Another fantastic tool. Put in a keyword and it will throw out a ton of ideas from questions asked in the search engines. It’s free for 5 searches a day – if you want more it’s a paid subscription.

Top Tip: I use Answer the public with the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension. It will show you monthly searches and competition by doing this.

This is just a tiny snippet to show you the power of both tools together.

Keywords for SEO

#3 Can Keywords be Two Words

Yes they can is the basic answer. However, there is some caution to this!

As there is a lot of competition for most niches it could be very difficult to rank for such a short term.

For instance:

If I searched the term ‘lose belly fat

Keywords for SEO

Traffic is estimated at 6.5k per month if you rank page 1 on Google. However, the competition (QSR) is at 153 which means this is the number of competitors you are up against. Keyword Quality is ‘Normal’ and you have about a 70% chance of ranking on page 1 if your content is great.

Let’s look at it a different way ‘Fastest ways to lose belly fat

Keywords for SEO

Can you see the difference straight away?

Still great traffic at 5.5k per month if you rank page 1. But look at the competition – 37 competitors, the keyword quality is great and you have an 85% chance of ranking page 1.

I know which one I prefer don’t you?

I know I used 3 words for the first example but I just wanted to get the message across.

You can use two keywords but why struggle with high competition when you can make your life easier with long tail keywords.

#4 Where to Add Keywords for SEO

There a general thought about keywords within your post. Write naturally and make your content valuable to the reader.

Don’t spam your post to death with keywords to the point it doesn’t make sense, just because you were trying to cram the keywords in.

You can read my post on SEO For Beginners which outlines the best methods. But here are a few areas within your post.

In your Post Title

Put them here but it needs to make sense. No point is putting something like ‘SEO Blog Beginner’. It needs to be more like ‘SEO for Beginners’.

In your Meta Description

The Meta Description is a short description of your post and you should try to include your keywords within it. Remember, it also needs to make sense.

Meta Description

Within Your Post

As a rule of thumb, I try to use my keyword phrase within the first paragraph or two. Then try to add within each of the sections of the blog if it makes sense to do it. Then again within the final two paragraphs if I can.

Use H2 Headers

For each new section of your post use H2 headers. When google crawls your site it first looks for your H1 Header which is always your post title, then it moves onto H2 headers followed by H3.

It’s worth trying to put some keywords in these headers, again, as long as they make sense.

If you look at the H2 Headers within this post you will see that they are all questions. When I did my keyword research I looked for what questions were being asked on Google.

Guess what! They all have monthly traffic and the competition is super low. I also know that my H2 Headers are going to be crawled so I hope to rank for these terms.

Give Images a Title and Alt Text

Once again, when Google crawls your site it won’t know what your images are if you don’t name them. Its good practice to name them all.

Interlink your Site Content

Why? Because it’s good for SEO and Google likes it.

It’s also a great way to promote your other posts. You might have noticed I have linked a few in this post.

I have also linked to other sites such as Ubersuggest and Answer the Public which Google also likes. And of course, if you do use a resource that you love, why wouldn’t you want to share it.

#5 What Keywords are Trending

I’m not really sure what keywords would trend particularly. I’m sure there are loads but I’m also sure the competition would be crazy.

Personally I stick with what I call my ‘Trigger Words’. These are my go to words when I’m looking for great low competition keywords. You can read my Trigger Words Post here.

I will use words like Beginner, Afford, Lower, Create, Learn, Cheap.

Put these in as a single search term in your favourite keyword tool and see what results come up. You will be shocked at some of the results. Here’s one:


As you can see, just using the simple word AFFORD, I found a whole niche on Trendy Plus Size Clothing with hardly any competition and a 90%+ chance of ranking on page 1.

Jaaxy Keyword search

They aren’t trendy words, but they do help you find the best niches and blog ideas in my opinion. You just need to find them.

So are Keywords Important for SEO

In my opinion yes of course. It’s not the be all and end all as there are so many other factors to SEO. But Keywords do have a part to play.

I hope this post has offered you some insight into the keyword subject and that you can go away and implement some of the ideas onto your blog.

If your just in the process of deciding about building a website or creating a blog I would like to suggest a great place to start. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my review here – it’s free to start and you can create a website and start the training absolutely free with no credit card required.

My review does contain Affiliate Links and I would receive a small payment if you were to go on to join the Premium membership. This is of no additional cost to you.

If you wanted to skip the review and just go and see what it’s all about you can follow my link here:

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the post.

As always, please feel free to drop a comment or ask a question below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best,




  1. Hello Mark!

    What a great post about SEO and how keywords take part in it all!

    Keywords are so important, and people either spend too much time worrying about getting them in their content, and some don’t spend ENOUGH time getting them together within their content.

    You’ve outlined some good points, one being lone tail keywords, and how much easier it could be depending on how to target your keyword. That was something I struggled with lots. Assuming even though it had more competition, I’d be able to get the word in more times than not, therefore getting a better ranking for my keyword. However that never happened.

    I am getting lots of impressions on my websites, but not so many clicks. I’ll be using some of your advice on here to try and better target my audience.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Brooke,
      thanks for your comments. I’m glad the post offered a small insight into how things can be improved. As you say, people just over stress about the keywords sometimes. I find things a lot easier if you just write the content naturally. I then let my Yoast SEO plugin tell me where I can tweak the post to improve my SEO.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hey pal, I like your post it has given me some important information that I will make sure I adhere to.
    Its all about knowing what is relevant to success, and you cover some good points.
    Take care

  3. Thanks for coming up with this amazing post, I find it really helpful and highly informative, Am just starting a website and I am currently undergoing some trainings at wealthy affiliate and I think keyword is really essential to get a first page ranking quick.i have read about jaaxy and I like it features and how well people talked about it. 

    • Hi Clement, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found the post informative and if you ever need any support whilst starting up your website then please get in touch.

      All the best,


  4. Mark, this is an awesome post. I was going to suggest photos and as soon as I scrolled down to read I found my first photo. It was like you knew I would need a photo to break up the monotony of just text. One thing in regards to you photos, you can use them as internal links as well.

    I do want to say that this was very thorough and you taught a us a lot about SEO keywords at a comfortable, easy-to-read level. You gave examples of what you were saying and also screenshots. One thing I found super useful was mentioning your use of what you call your trigger words. I’m going to use that in some of my searches and I owe it to you.

    So thanks and have a great day.

    • Hi Larry, thank you for the great feedback. I’m glad you found the post of some use.
      I have used the trigger word method for a while now and it always seems to throw up some fantastic ideas for sure.

      All the best,

  5. All I have to say is great site. Very easy to read, very thorough and great pics and screenshots for us to refer to. I loved how you inserted the comment about your trigger words and that will help us all in our keyword searches. I left a comment on your site and it shows you took the time to make a quality post for us and we can use what you gave us. I will be returning to your site for its simplistic way of presenting knowledge we all need and can use.

  6. I didn’t know how important keywords are until I started my affiliate marketing business. I have used Jaaxy in the past for my research  because of how easy it is to use. but I also want to try out some of the others you’ve listed. Which one do you recommend I start with?

    • Hi Jason, Ubersuggest is a great place to start as well and it’s completely free. I would also consider installing the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension as this is a great tool to use as well.

      I’m currently just finishing off a post showing how to find low competition long tail keywords by using Keywords Everywhere and Answer the public in tandem. It’s going to be a really good option and I think people will find it an interesting concept to get loads of ideas that could supply you with post ideas for months to come. Should be published within the next 24 hours so keep an eye out for that one.

      Best regards,


  7. Thanks for the info Mark – I hadn’t come across some of the free tools you mentions, will have to go and check them out for sure. One of the really important aspects  is trying to go for Keywords which you can more easily rank for, a lot of new marketers get blinded by the high traffic numbers and approach the whole thing incorrectly, probably they will never get on to page one!

    I personally use Jaaxy, it enables me to quickly see the quality and competition of each keyword, what took me hours to do before I now do far more quickly.

    Interesting that you use H2 headers for keywords, I generally use H3 headers – it is so difficult to know exactly what these search engine spiders get up to and what is best in the real world!

    • Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback.

      I’m with you on the keyword searches. Jaaxy is my go to tool for the keywords as it’s just so easy to use and the information is easy to read.

      I just really like trying out other options to find the keywords, it keeps things fresh for me. I currently playing around with Keywords Everywhere and Answer the Public in tandem and will be releasing a post shortly. I think people will be surprised by some of the results I find with super low competition and decent traffic.

      All the best,


  8. Hi, and thanks for this interesting post about the importance of keywords.

    I want to try the keyword tools you recommend, so far I only work with Jaaxy and I like that a lot.

    It would be interesting to know though and compare the numbers with different tools.

    How many times do you think adding the keyword within the text is ok, if it fits in ?

    • Hi Stefan, thanks for the comments.

      My general rule with keywords within the post is that you should try and fit your keyword within the first paragraph.

      Try and add it to a couple of your H2 headers and then within the last paragraph. It doesn’t hurt to try and maybe add the keyword every 200 to 300 words within the post but don’t do it too often and don’t try to fit them in for the sake of it.

      Just write naturally and if the keyword can be added and it’s makes sense then that’s great.

      All the best,


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