Create A Website for Free: Yes You Can

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I see it all the time online – Create Website For free!

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I normally say you can’t do anything online for free and if it says you can then it’s normally BS.

However, there is one instance that I know of where you actually can create a website absolutely free with no strings attached at all. And I did it!!

There is one place that you can create your own website for FREE.

That place is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s completely free to join, no credit card details required and you even get access to the first 10 lessons of their world-class training along with a host of other stuff.

There’s no catch honestly – check it out for yourself here at Wealthy Affiliate

You can even read my honest review if you’re still unsure.

Create your Wealthy Affiliate Free Account

First of all, you need to set up your Wealthy Affiliate account here:

WA Sign-up

It’s very simple and as you can see there is no credit card required to do this so there is absolutely no pressure on you to purchase anything.

Oh yes! and the starter package doesn’t end. You can stay on it as long as you want, it’s up to you and you can still carry on creating your website for free.

Set up Your Profile

This is very quick. There is a huge community at Wealthy Affiliate it helps to do your profile at the start. People are genuinely helpful all the time.

When you complete the 4 simple steps on your profile you are ready to rock.

Creating Your Website For Free

Rather than waffle on with endless text and screenshots, I thought it would be a better idea to let you watch this video on how to create your website.

It literally takes 10 minutes to do and you can be up and running and into the first part of the training at absolutely no cost to you whatsoever.

The video was created by one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate so you can see for yourself just how genuine the opportunity is.

I hate scams and I hate people telling you there are get-rich-quick schemes out there. I mention it a lot in my posts because I genuinely believe that everyone should get a fair chance and creating a business online without someone trying to rip them off.

So without any more nonsense from me, here is the video outlining how to create your website for free.

Create your website for Free

Create your Website for Free


As I hope you saw from the video, it’s super simple to set up your website.

Actually, I don’t know if you picked up on it in the video but you get 2 free websites on the free starter package.

Do you believe you can Create a Website for Free

As I said to you earlier in the post, this is real, no scam, no BS, just genuinely easy to start a website.

I hope you found this post of some use, even though it is fairly short – no point dragging out the point of it.

If you’re still unsure, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review – you honestly have nothing to lose.

wealthy affiliate sign up

If you found this post helpful or have any questions related to this topic please feel free to comment below and I will respond to you.

All the very best on your journey to success,



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