Free SEO Tools: Rank #1

Free SEO Tools

Want to hear about some free SEO tools that you can use to help rank you first page on the search engines?

That’s right, Free SEO tools that will help you optimise for better rankings. I’m not talking about free trials either, these are 100% free all of the time.

Not many people have a lot of money to waste trying to rank high on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

So please read through this post and see which, if not all of these tools can help you.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive payment at no cost to you.

#1 Keywords Everywhere

I have spoken about this great Google Chrome extension in a previous review which you can read HERE. It’s completely free and does a great job at finding those great keywords into competitive Niches.

Once installed (you can find instructions HERE) you are ready to go.

Every time you do a search on Google you will see a list of related keywords and what people also search for.

Google search

In this example we searched ‘lose weight’ which is obviously a huge niche. But the related keywords show some slightly lower competitive keywords that can be drilled down. For example, clicking on ‘how to lose weight in a week’ will show a new set of results.

keywords keywords everywhere

As you can see, by drilling down we have focused on very and I mean very low competition keywords in the weight loss market. Perfect for ranking high and a great free SEO tool.

Alternative Tools

Jaaxy – Free trial then paid but an amazing tool to use. You can read my review here

Ubersuggest – A great free Keyword Tool from Neil Patel

#2 Yoast SEO Plugin

yoast plugin

Once again, a Free SEO tool that will transform how you write your content. The difference it has made to me has been amazing.

So for an example, I started writing this post – Right from the off it is guiding you to write content that is both pleasing to visitors and the search engines.

I know as I write content if it is readable and is good for SEO


It let’s me know if my post title and meta description is SEO friendly – if it’s not Green I adjust my title and description to suit.

meta description

Whilst I’m writing it lets me know if my content is readable. Again if the buttons aren’t Green, you adjust to make the content more user friendly.

I tested Yoast on old posts I had written and a lot of the analysis had Red and Amber buttons. I adjusted the content and it reads and looks so much better now.

yoast reader

The other great thing about Yoast is that you can put in a focused keyphrase. I the instance below I chose Free SEO Tools as this is what the post is about after all.

As you can see below, I am getting good results in some areas but have Improvements I could make in others. As you can see, I could improve the keyphrase in my title etc. All something that I can work on to improve.

focus keyphrase

As I said earlier, for a Free SEO tool Yoast has transformed the way I write my content.

#3 websiteresponsivetest.com

This is where you can test your websites responsiveness across multiple devices with different screen sizes instantly.

This is the age of the mobile phone and the tablet. You gotta make sure your website looks good on this format otherwise people just won’t view.

website responsewebsite speed test

This website will show you everything from the old style Android to the iPhone all the way up to iPad and Kindle so you can see how your website looks on a lot of formats.

There isn’t much else to say about this, just give it a try.

#4 Google Page Speed Insights

Another useful and Free SEO Tool. As the majority of our population uses Google on their mobiles we need to ensure our website loads as fast as possible. Too slow and the user will be gone. We really don’t want our visitors to leave because of our load speed.

This is where Google Page Speed Insights comes in to play.

Check out you website speed as I have below:

Desktop is great and performing well as you can see below:

google page speed

However, on mobile devices not so good, but still average:

page speed insights

The beauty of Page Speed Insights is it will tell me where I need to improve – I don’t even need to guess which is so useful wouldn’t you agree. Another great Free SEO Tool.


I can now look at where to improve based on the opportunities laid out.



There are many great Free SEO Tools out there to use without a doubt. I just wanted to share with you the four top tools I use to help my SEO rankings and I hope they will help you too.

Do you have a Free SEO tool that you use today? Is there a tool that you would like to use but would like a review first?

As always, if you do then please leave your comments and questions below and lets start making our SEO ranking better together.

Best regards,





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