The Best Way to Start an Online Business

Best way to start an online business

So many people want to know the best way to start an online business but don’t know where to begin.

I’m not surprised to be honest as there are so many options out there nowadays.

Something will often look too good to be true – that’s because it normally is!

You may end up paying for a course, only to find you need to spend more money that wasn’t mentioned at the beginning.

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Well Let Me Show You The Best Way to Start Your Online Business

I’m going to outline the steps required to start your business. Follow these steps!

If you go off too early or jump the steps you will probably come unstuck or want to change your mind. Take it easy.

These are the steps you should take:

  • Find a Niche
  • Find the Profit Centers
  • Check the Traffic
  • Find Web Hosting
  • Choose a Domain
  • Set Up your Website
  • Create Content

We will run through these steps together in this post.

Watch out for my offer at the end of the post – It could blow your mind.

Finding Your Niche

Let’s start with answering the question, what is a Niche Market.

A Niche Market is a small, specialized market for a product or service.

Basically speaking, it’s a group of people on the internet who want a specific product or service.

The key thing is here is that you want the niche to be as specialized as possible. Meaning we are looking for something that is in demand but the competition is low.

Let’s say for instance you are interested in Camping (which is a great Niche).

If you checked out Google for Camping you will find the following:

Camping Niche

Just for Camping there 872 million results. Do you think you can compete? Probably not.

But Let’s dive a bit deeper into the Niche. Let’s say for instance you wanted to do Camping Kitchen Supplies.

Still, a very good Niche but the competition is much lower.

google search

There are just over 53,000 results. But in reality after checking, there are on 8 pages on Google for that search term.

I will use camping kitchen supplies as my example throughout the post to keep everything consistent.

For more ideas on Niche and Keyword ideas, check out some of my other posts:

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Find the Profit Centers

Next you need to understand if the Niche might be profitable or not. Not a lot of point pushing it if you find out there isn’t any way of making a profit from it.

Let’s look at the options. I look at the following:

Can you sell through Amazon Affiliate links?

I this case yes you can because it’s a popular physical product.

blog profit centers

Amazon is clearly an obvious place for affiliate offers. You can earn anything between 4% – 12% commission so although not a huge amount of money per sale it all adds up with a lot of sales.

Here are a couple more affiliate programs to consider (there are loads more)

https://www.campchef.com/affiliate-program – 10% commission

https://www.instafire.com/pages/affiliate-program – 20% commission

So there are definitely affiliate programs out there.

Profit centers are good so we can look at the next step.

Check the Traffic

By this, I don’t mean how much traffic there is. By now, we know that the Niche itself has enough popularity to generate enough traffic.

What we need to look at how the audience is looking for our products:

  • Organic Free Traffic
  • PPC
  • YouTube

Let’s say for instance I want to do a ‘Cadac Safari Chef 2 Review’ (it’s the first stove I saw). The first step is to check Google.

What’s the competition?

Are there any Paid Ads?


Are there any Videos?

The reasons for these questions are that this will help you to decide how to market the product

Traffic sources

When I check on Google I can see that there are no ads so we don’t need to worry about PPC.

There is a YouTube video which is always a great way to show off a review of an item. The one in the screenshot actually has 62,000 views over the 2.5 years on YouTube.

It’s a very specific search term as well so I’m sure this video review has done well for traffic.

There is also low organic competition. Top of Google states 249 results but in fact, there are only 2 pages of results for the actual search term.

For me, if I was promoting reviews for camping stoves or pretty much anything from the camping kitchen supplies niche, I would be looking at doing video reviews and organic traffic.

So once again, the Niche is a go because getting traffic should be straight forward with little competition.

Find Web Hosting

If you are unsure what Web Hosting is, it’s basically a server that hosts all of your websites allowing them to be accessed by internet users all over the world.

There are many companies out there that do great web hosting. I have 2 favorites that I use.

The first one is Bluehost – they are very reasonably priced and work seamlessly with WordPress.

The other is Wealthy Affiliate but I will save this until the end for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign up

Choose a Domain Name

This is the address of your website. For example https://www.google.com

Now you want your domain name to be as closely connected to what your website is going to be about.

So if we are setting up a site for camping kitchen supplies then we might want to look at finding a website similar to those keywords.

domain name

As it happens, campingkitchensupplies.com is available so that’s great news if you were going to go for this niche.

Got a domain name in mind? Why not see if it’s available here:

Set Up Your Website

Now you have your domain, it’s time to set up your website with WordPress. It’s a simple process that will get your very first website up and running in no time.

Click on the image to watch the WordPress set-up within Bluehost.

bluehost and wordpress

Create Content

This is where the real work begins. It’s time to start filling your shiny new website with content.

You will probably be doing reviews, information posts, tutorials and lots of other things that can offer value to your website visitors.

You will need to understand keywords, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and many other things to have your website up and running and earning money for you within a few months if all goes well.

If you have the skills and knowledge that is great, otherwise you will need to learn this as you go along. It can be tricky, and if you are new to this then it’s going to take time.

Is There a Better Way

As outlined above, these are most certainly the steps required to get your very own website up and running.

This method is excellent and I highly recommend Bluehost, I use them myself.

However, being new to this it might be all too much. Your website is built but where do you go next.

Pay for training, buy some get-rich-quick scam?

Let me tell you about another way.

As I said earlier, one of my other favorite hosting platforms is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign up

It isn’t actually web hosting – it’s so much more.

You can sign-up for FREE

You can build 2 websites – FREE

You have 2 lots of starter training – FREE

Access to an amazing helpful Community FREE

All of this, no catch for FREE – and you don’t need to leave any credit card details either.

You can stay for free forever if you choose with no obligation to upgrade.

However, upgrading eventually is very worthwhile as you get access to all the training, webinars, keyword research and much more.

Sign-up within 7 days for a huge first month discount.

Why not check it out at Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. You really have nothing to lose at all.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign up

Sign-up and get in touch. I will be your personal mentor and will be there to help you every step of the way.

See you soon,




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