What is the Best Free Keyword Tool

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There are some amazing keyword tools out there that offer some fantastic features.

Today I’m going to review a number of them and try to answer the question:

“What is the Best FREE Keyword Tool”

Now clearly, everyone has their own thoughts of which ones are the best, and if yours isn’t in the list or is not highly rated then please drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

Remember, I’m looking at Free here – some are always free, some might be a free trial but need to upgrade, and I’m not going to look at any that won’t give you many search results – it defeats the object I feel.

The one thing I would say is that Free is great, but just remember, the paid ones will normally give the better results or data.

If you are just starting out, stick with free to start with. You will find everything you need to get your blog up and running with plenty keyword ideas for posts or niche.

So Let’s get too it:

#6 Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere come in at number 6, not because it is bottom of my list, far from it. I am discussing it first because with it installed it actually improves 3 of the other Keyword tools I’m going to talk about.

That way when I get to them you will understand the importance of this tool.

For installation instructions please read my post ‘Free Keyword Ranking Tool Method’

Keywords Everywhere in its basic format so to speak is a great tool when you’re searching Google each day. We all do hundreds of searches right?

Let’s say I search ‘lose weight fast’ in Google:

keywords everywhere

What Keywords Everywhere will show is a set of related keywords to your search, the CPC if you use ads and the competition – the lower the number the less competition.

It will also bring up a list of what People also searched for.


Click on any of the keywords and it will drill down even further with more results related to the keyword you clicked.

It’s very useful whenever you are searching on Google as you might find some great ideas without actually looking for them.

One other point of note – when you search Amazon and YouTube you will see a results bar showing Volume, CPC and Competition – to my knowledge, these are Google results and are not related to YouTube or Amazon so be aware of this.


#5 Google Keyword Planner (Adwords)

Yes, Google’s very own Keyword Planner is a useful tool. Granted it might not give you the information it used to but it’s still a great place to start when looking for Keywords.

It’s mainly set up for doing Ad campaigns on Google but it still gives you some great ideas.

Now, this is the first Keyword Tool that works better with Keywords Everywhere installed.

Currently when doing keyword searches on Google Keywords you only have a range of search results.

google keywords

You will notice on the average monthly searches it shows a range. However, when something says 10k – 100k that’s a lot of variation and it might be important to know where this actually sits.

How can we make this better?

Now there are two ways of showing more accurate search results.

1. Is to set-up (but not start) a PPC campaign. Personally, I can’t be doing with that right now.

2. Have Keywords Everywhere installed – and here’s why:

google adwords

Now we have the search term and a list of ideas (actual search terms) from that search term, plus, with Keywords Everywhere installed we also have the actual average monthly searches rather than just the average – that’s much better.

Have a play around and test it out – after all, it’s free.

#4 Keyword Shitter (Sorry)

It’s not a typo, it is called Keyword Shitter – not something you’re going to forget in a hurry.

You might understand the name better when I explain why. Once again, this is a tool that benefits immensely by having Keywords Everywhere installed.

Let’s say I want to search Protein Powder

keyword shitter

I typed ‘Protein Powder’ then hit the Shit Keywords button and an amazing list comes out. With Keywords Everywhere installed you also see the search volume and competition.

keyword list

There were over 500 results just for Protein Powder (apparently shitting the results out) – and you can download as a CSV file to keep. So many possibilities with these lists.

I think It’s Important To Point This Out.

Whenever you find keywords you might want to use, I would always advise that you use the Google Search method to clarify what keywords you are using do actually have low competition.

Let me explain – this post is called What is the Best Free Keyword Tool.

Now I did my research on my keyword tool of choice and found that traffic was OK, competition was low and SEO was good. But I really wanted to make sure I could actually compete on Google to try to rank on page 1.

Now I know ‘What is the Best Free Keyword Tool’ is searched every month. So I put it in the Google Search bar:

google search results

It gets about 106 million results. However, to find the true competition you need to put “exclamation marks” around the search term to find the true competition for that exact phrase.

Now you can see the TRUE competition – 34 results. I’m happy with that, I’m confident of ranking on page 1 and I know there is monthly traffic for the search term.

google results

Remember, it’s advisable to use this method whatever your keyword tool tells you – Google gives you the most accurate results. So don’t avoid the truth.

#3 Answer the Public

You only get around 4 to 5 searches a day when you use Answer the Public for free. To be honest, with the number of results, I would say that’s plenty. I certainly wouldn’t pay to use it – not because it’s poor, but because free is ample.

This is another tool that works much better with Keywords Everywhere.

To see a full review of both in action check out my post, Free Keyword Ranking Tool Method for 2019.

Answer the Public is pretty much what it says – you add a keyword and it churns out questions that are generally searched to include the keyword or words you added. There will be lots of results to look over until your hearts content, and with Keywords Everywhere you get the usual searches and competition results.

answer the public

Simple stuff with a lot of possibilities – give it a try for yourself.

#2 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest was created by Neil Patel (check out his site it’s amazing stuff).

Considering it’s completely Free, it has so much to offer and I like it a great deal – and this time you don’t have the need for Keywords Everywhere – it has all the information you need.

So Let’s break it down to show what the tool offers.

I have put in the search term ‘How to lose belly fat’ (for the sake of this example).

The first thing that will show is the overview page.


The overview tells me that ‘how to lose belly fat’ as a search term is easy to rank for and an 84% chance of ranking in the top 20 of Google.

High search volume and also some data on paid ads if you are going that way.

Next you can open up the keyword ideas tab and I am told that Ubersuggest has 136 ideas for my search term.ubersuggest keywords

The keywords ideas will appear in the list as highest volume first so for instance ‘how to lose belly fat fast’ has an average monthly search volume of 5,400 searches, and a SD score of 11. This equates to an 89% chance of ranking top 20.

SD – Estimated organic traffic competition.

Google SERP

Also on the same page you can see the Google SERP results. This is the top 100 websites that rank in Google for your search term.

So you would see something like this for the search:

google serp

What is useful about this is that first of all you can see your competition. In this case it’s sites like health line, cosmopolitan, menshealth etc.

You can also see estimated visits for this keyword per month, how many social shares and domain score.

You can also click on the link and check out the posts and see what people are reading about. It can be useful to give you ideas as well.

Check out Ubersuggest yourself and see how good it is.

#1 Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Free for 30 searches – it’s then paid but my number 1 choice because it offers so much.

Check out my 2 posts:

What is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Affiliate Keyword Tool

These posts tell you everything you need to know and you can try your 30 free searches here:


If you want Jaaxy Keyword Tool free all the time, why not consider signing up to Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate

You can sign-up for Free, build 2 websites for Free and if you go Premium you get Jaaxy for Free

And it’s all with no obligation or pressure for you to spend a penny or dime.


This was a list of my top 6 free tools for Keyword research.

Do you have a specific Free tool you use that wasn’t in the list?

Is there anything in the list you haven’t tried before?

Why don’t you drop me a comment below and let me know what you think.

all the best,




  1. What a helpful review on this article. I like the fact that this talks about affiliate marketing and how to get the right keyword to its maximum potential. Also, the top six guidelines is superb and everything to make success out of blogging online is spelt out. Thank you for this wonderful information about how to make income online, many do not come across such a helpful information like this eventhough they are professionals in affiliate marketing and thanks to WA for the awesome opportunity they provide. 

    • Hi, thank you for the great comments and feedback. I really appreciate that the post was of use to you and has been helpful.

      Kind regards,


  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the great and awesome review on each keyword tools and I sincerely got educated on the best one for me. Evn though I have been using Jaxxy for a while I didn’t have an idea if other keyword tools existed at all but now I think I know about five more.

    Have a nice day

  3. This is quite interesting. You really nailed it with your screenshot and one by one explanation. Even a 7 years can blog if follows your review here because there is no complexity in it at all. The area of Keyword search is really important. Knowing the right words and content to use will help ones blog in SEO that will drive more traffic for proper ranking in google. Thank you for this educating post.

    • Hi Kehinde, thank you for your kind feedback.

      I always wanted to create posts that were easy to follow and helped people so to hear that this is the case makes me very happy.

      Thanks again,


  4. Great article! I’ve been looking for a list of keyword tools for some time. I used to have a couple other keyword tools bookmarked, but noticed some time ago that they didn’t exist anymore. Right now, I use Jaaxy and I agree that it’s pretty much the best out there. However, it is nice to have some other options and have some idea what their pros and cons are, just in case. The way I see it, blogging is definitely the way to go. But it’s pointless if you’re not mastering your keyword game. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Mark, thanks for the great feedback. Jaaxy is definitely the best keyword tool in my opinion too. I pleased the other tools I outlined may be of some use to you. Sometimes when my head is struggling with keywords via Jaaxy I often find that just trying another tool sometimes shows me things in a slightly different light.

      I’m really pleased the post was of some use.

      Many thanks,


  5. Cool insights.  I’d never heard of any of these, but I can see where Keywords Everywhere could be really helpful, especially if it’s free.  Using Google search all the time, why not use this at the same time and stumble across some great keywords while you’re at it?  It is hard to admit defeat though – you think you’ve got a really great keyword, and you find out through these tools that . . . well, maybe it ain’t so great!  But like you said, you have to trust the tools to keep from wasting time.  Thanks for the good info.

    • Hi Don, thanks for the feedback.

      The thing I like about Keywords Everywhere is that once installed it’s done. It can be surprising what appears when you are just doing everyday Google searches and find something without trying.

      I’m with you on thinking you found a great keyword only for one of the tools to bring you back into line. It can be tough, can’t it? But feels great when you nail one.

      Many thanks,


  6. The importance of keyword can not be overemphasized. Keyword is just the fulcrum on which affiliate marketing revolves.

    Am just learning about the word Keyword Shitter, never heard about it before. Thank you for the tutoring on these keyword tools. You just expanded my knowledge on them and I trust lots of people will benefit from this post.

    • Hi there, thanks for your kind comments. It always makes me happy to know that someone may have learnt something from a post I have written – after all, that’s why we are here isn’t it – to add value to the user. So thanks for letting me know the post was of help.

      All the best,


  7. From the list you provided, I have to agree with you.  I would also put  Jaaxy No.1, and Ubersuggest No. 2.  Both have their strength.  I use Jaaxy on every article I write, and since I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I get the Lite version for free, which is more than excellent!  With it, I was able to rank a good number of  articles on page one of Google.  QSR and AVG are very important and it’s what I base my keywords on.

    I also like Ubersuggest for the SERP analysis.  I can see who is my competition with this one.

    I don’t know any of the No. 3 to No. 5, so I will definitely check them out too.  SEO being the main purpose of keywords, One can never know too much!  Thanks for the great tips!

    • Hi Denis, thanks for the feedback. Glad to see we have similar thoughts on the top two keyword tools.

      I completely agree with you about using Jaaxy Lite by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. Pay for one get the other free – this is without a doubt the best option.



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